StarCraft Legend Maru: Got Strong and Stayed Strong

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StarCraft II Legend Cho “Maru” Seong-ju, who was born July 28, 1997, is making noise as a Terran player. Maru is a famous gamer who plays for ONSYDE. He went from being the youngest GSL player to champion and competition winner in a very short time.

StarCraft Legend Maru: Early Problems and Gains

Maru beat Cella in his first professional game, which was a fan choice, in the 2010 TG Sambo Intel Starcraft II Open Season 1 GSL. He was 13 years old at the time. Maru had issues and found it hard to make it to later GSL seasons. Even though there were setbacks at first, Maru showed strength and drive in 2012.

StarCraft Legend Maru: A Big Change

It was hard to tell how Maru would qualify for the GSL Season 2 Code S. Maru beat MC and Happy, but she also lost. Being good enough to win Up and Down fights earned him a Code S spot.

StarCraft Legend Maru: Heart of the Swarm Era

Heart of the Swarm gave Maru new problems to solve. He was pushed by Soulkey and Flash in the WCS Korea Season 1 GSL qualifiers. Even though there were setbacks, Maru’s drive helped her win.

How to Win WCS Korea 2013 Season 2

Maru made it big in Season 2 of WCS Korea 2013. Maru beat INnoVation in the finals by being smart and tough. This victory was the first of many good things to happen for the young Terran.

Challenges and Global Recognition

Maru showed off his skills outside of Korea by playing in the IPL 4 and the Asia Starcraft League. Despite problems, Maru became a global giant thanks to his determination and ability to use a variety of strategies.

The End of Heart of Swarm At the end of Heart of the Swarm, Maru had both good and bad times. Maru was a well-known Terran player, even though he lost in the GSL and in foreign competitions.

StarCraft Legend Maru: Leaving the Void: Start Over

After moving to Legacy of the Void, Maru had a hard time making it to StarLeague Season 1. But his devotion to Proleague and consistent play showed that he had adapted to the meta.

2016: The Proleagues Win

Without a doubt, Maru and Jin Air Green Wings won the 2016 Proleague. As the Most Valuable Player in the Proleague Grand Finals, his strategic genius and mobility helped the team win.

StarCraft Legend Maru: Victory for WESG and GSL

In late 2017, Maru beat Dark in a thrilling WESG grand final. This win helped Maru get ready for his early 2018 GSL Season 1 win over Stats, which made him a StarCraft hero.

Keep doing well in 2018

In the Super Tournament, Maru showed off his skills but lost to Classic, who had won the GSL Season 1 title. Maru kept going in the world of StarCraft II, which was always changing.

Again, the GSL champions

Seed for GSL Season 2 Maru showed how good he was at strategy by getting to the Ro16 despite some problems. Maru was a good sport by making a brave group picking move. Getting back-to-back GSL wins would cement his place in StarCraft history.

Here it is: a StarCraft icon

Cho “Maru” Seong-ju went from being a StarCraft rookie to a seasoned pro by being determined, tough, and hungry to win. As Maru gets better at StarCraft II, his legend grows, leaving his mark on the past of competitive game.