League of Legends Players: Rally for “Zilean needs some love”!

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Dear, (LoL) League of Legends players, LoL is a game that popular for more than ten years. It has a huge universe with many characters, items, and complicated systems. As players become more involved in this changing world and learn how it works, the game is constantly updated to keep things interesting.

League of Legends Players: A Big Game with a Small Problem

The game has over 160 different characters, and there are always patches to make things more interesting. It’s not surprising that some winners can get lost. Riot, the company that made the game, wants to keep things fair by buffing and nerfing characters. In the middle of this constantly changing world, however, one champion has been unknown for a long time.

League of Legends Players: Zilean: The Time Lord Who Was Forgotten

Welcome to Zilean, the Time Lord, a League of Legends character who came out in 2009. Zilean has stood the test of time, even though he isn’t in the news. Even so, the League of Legends community has recently made a call for the Time Lord to get some much-needed attention and changes.

League of Legends Players: The Problem of Neglect

At the heart of the problem is the fact that Zilean hasn’t changed since Season 5. It’s been over eight years since this support hero has been cared for. Some players say that his passive ability isn’t very good and that casting it isn’t very good either. Zilean’s item picks are also not very good, especially when he plays a mid or support role.

League of Legends Players: The “Broken” but unpopular dilemma

To make things even stranger, the champion is still not a popular choice, even though some say that Zilean feels strong when played against. It’s a strange situation when opponents think a champion is strong but friends don’t want to choose him. This doesn’t make sense, which makes me wonder how useful and appealing Zilean is in the current League of Legends game.

The Call to Make Things Different

Now, League of Legends players are pleading with Riot to free Zilean from his time-stopping stasis and give him a new update. They want Zilean to get back into the spotlight with update skills and better gear that can use by both mid and support roles.

Last Thoughts

As the League community brings this long-forgotten Time Lord to light, Riot should take notice and give Zilean a new lease on life. In a game that needs new ideas all the time, every winner should have a chance to shine. Zilean has earned his for a long time now. Should we finally bring the Time Lord back from the dead? Time will tell. As League of Legends changes, players are excitedly anticipating a better future for Zilean. Where he can once again prove as a valuable and important champion in the game’s world.